Chemistry Seminar: Miles Johnson, Ph.D.

Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 4:15 PM until 5:00 PMPacific Standard Time

Miles Johnson, Ph.D.; Department of Chemistry; University of Richmond

Research in the Johnson lab is focused on the design of new transition metal catalysts that can convert simple chemical feedstocks into fine chemicals. Special emphasis is placed on the rational design of new ligands and the preparation of organometallic compounds. Synthetic inorganic and organic techniques are used to prepare these new compounds and examine their reactivity. Spectroscopic (NMR, IR), computational (DFT), and electrochemical techniques permit the thorough characterization of these compounds while giving students experience with the tools needed for interdisciplinary research. Potential discoveries from our lab may be used in method development for designing molecules such as pharmaceuticals, converting petrochemicals into synthetic building blocks, and the activation of small molecules for energy applications.

This event is supported by the Thomas Dunne Lectureship in Chemistry

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