Physics Seminar: Dr. Andres H. La Rosa, Portland State University

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 at 4:30 PM until 5:30 PMPacific Standard Time

Dr. La Rosa will talk on, "Near-field Acousto Characterization of Confined Mesoscopic Fluids."

Understanding the principles governing the striking properties that mesoscopic fluids display under confinement (namely, enhanced shear viscosity, prolonged relaxation time, confinement-induced phase
transformation, hydrophobic effects beyond commonly accepted molecular interaction ranges) remain major challenges in condensed matter physics. To study these complex fluids we are using Shear-force Acoustic Near-field Microscope (SANM) and Whispering Gallery Acoustic Sensing (WGAS), recently introduced by our group. We are investigating, in particular, the role played by water films trapped between two hydrophobic/philic solid boundaries under relative oscillatory motion. By using the apex of a tapered probe as one of the confining solid surfaces, SANM has the unprecedented capability to monitor the near-field acoustic signal emitted from the trapped mesoscopic meniscus. We will describe current efforts being pursued in our lab to enable SANM as an alternative tool to study surface wetting properties with nanometer lateral resolution.

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